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The Giant Clams of Ocean County  is an award-winning public art program which helps to raise funds and awareness for the non-profit, environmental organization ReClam The Bay.  It began in 2006, when ReClam The Bay commissioned Lillian Vespertino to sculpt the very first Giant Clam.  Now, the clam count numbers in the thirties, and painted clam sculptures can be seen throughout Ocean County, NJ. 

For more information about how you can help reclam the Barnegat Bay in NJ,
 visit ReClamTheBay.org

Gef Flimlin, Marine Extension Agent for the
Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension of Ocean County and Lillian Vespertino
at Chowder Fest '06 (September, 2006)

Side view of an unpainted "raw" Clam, shown here in gray fiberglass.
The Giant Clam is 5-1/2 feet tall.

Painted Giant Clam of Ocean County

A painted Giant Clam with the Artist....

Painted Giant Clam of Ocean County

..... and another .